Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I've fallen and can't get up!

Today wasn't the official first day of fall, but here in Florida it started today, ya know how to tell ? your air conditioner doesn't come on at night ! Yep I feel like a real mid westerner this morning I went out to walk the dogs and it was in the low 70's, that will start( or is it stop ? ) the sap running ! when we got back from walking Mag asked me "how come the dogs aren't panting with their tongues hanging out ?" I opened the patio slider and showed her, oh, she said with a slight chill in her breath.
Only 22 more days of treatments , Mags still hanging in there Monday nights are usually her worst time she can't sleep because Monday when the pump is put on for the week they give her a I.V. and it has a steroid in it which the doc. says is the cause of her sleeplessness of coarse my snoring has nothing to do with it.
Everyone enjoy the change of weather, bye bye............M&B


  1. When I read the title: " I've fallen and can't get up" OMG I thought!!!!! .....Maggie hurt her back OMG!!!it's ALL MY FAULT...Maggie kept pulling plants from your beautiful backyard yesterday afternoon, so that I could bring them home with me...I kept telling her...DON'T, DON'T BE NAUGHTY...BOB!! LOOK AT WHAT MAGGIE IS DOING!!!!...nothing, she pulled and pulled...and today I planted like 16 new plants in my backyard (My back IS hurting :)....enjoying the just wonderful weather.
    All I hope is she is not exhausted because of her generosity....hope she is coping well today....You both looked GOOD yesterday.Steve and I were so happy to share sometime with you
    but please, the next time, don't let us eat ALL the apple pie (no was delicious)! we had to wait till 9PM to have a light, very light dinner ....and Maggie: Diego went to give the test today...he has not called,so we assume he encountered no surprises today.
    If that is the case (I will let you know),your mother's words of FAITH WORKED!!!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!...and let us hope and pray that this week just goes by fast and with very little discomfort for you both.

  2. Brrrr, sounds cold! Ha! We have our first frost warning tonight. This is glorious weather here, sunny cool days and cooler nights, perfect sleeping weather. It all goes down hill in another month or so..right now I'm loving it!
    Just think, by your birthday, Maggie will be off of Chemo...yipee!
    say a prayer for Lisa, she got a BAD case of the Swine flu.

  3. Low 70's and there's a chill in the air!? Why we tough ol' Michiganders would be sporting tank tops and flip flops! :0) Like Pat said we have a frost advisory tonight...Tom's running the heat on the School bus and wearing a jacket and gloves in the mornings. Hugs to you both!

  4. Hmm . . . seems like it's usually the men who snore, Bob. Larry sounds like a bear or maybe a pig! Anyway, it sometimes drives me to another bedroom. It is 55 degrees and I'm bundled up in a winter sweater. Also pulled the afghans out of the cedar chest. I don't like winter and summers are too short. Good move you & Maggie made down there in Paradise. Hugs & love to both of you!