Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I've fallen and can't get up!

Today wasn't the official first day of fall, but here in Florida it started today, ya know how to tell ? your air conditioner doesn't come on at night ! Yep I feel like a real mid westerner this morning I went out to walk the dogs and it was in the low 70's, that will start( or is it stop ? ) the sap running ! when we got back from walking Mag asked me "how come the dogs aren't panting with their tongues hanging out ?" I opened the patio slider and showed her, oh, she said with a slight chill in her breath.
Only 22 more days of treatments , Mags still hanging in there Monday nights are usually her worst time she can't sleep because Monday when the pump is put on for the week they give her a I.V. and it has a steroid in it which the doc. says is the cause of her sleeplessness of coarse my snoring has nothing to do with it.
Everyone enjoy the change of weather, bye bye............M&B

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week Two

Hello all, this weekend we didn't do much, Friday went to the hospital for our scheduled radiation and then went to the chemo place, it's on the second floor of the same hospital. This was a new experience for Mag . She had her pump taken off for the weekend, it hurt a little but not to much, of coarse after slamming the tube in the car door, and the sometime comic actions of forgetting she was attached , she did pretty well the first week.
Monday we go back for the reverse process, one week down five mor
See full size imagee to go !
Had some friends over Saturday for lunch and played Rummy Cube, I made a Spanish Tortilla which has onions, red and green peppers potatoes , Asparagus and sausage a little Parmesan cheese and of course 12 eggs you make it in a big pan cook it on the burner and finish in the
Spanish Tortilla with Chorizobroiler not bad , I was the big loser, didn't win a game, of coarse Mag didn't help you know her, she had to help the other players ! "you missed this one, here do this do that, are you sure that's all you have?" by the time it got around to me I couldn't do much, oh well.
Sunday was a do nothing day , Mag needed her rest after talking with ALL her friends on the phone who called her. I had some wireless speakers I hooked up to my laptop and put them on the patio there's so much more to listen to then the radio, plus were live sometimes I can get 4 stations, it's working well. Thats it for now keep well....................B&M

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who is that ?

Who is that that woman ? some say she is love and compassion, some say she is simple and naive , I say she is brave and beautiful inside and out. Yes she is one of a kind, how many women would let these picts. be published in the first week of this journey ? Today we went outside without a hair piece what you see is what you get.
If it were me I would be inclined to hide the way I look, not Mag we went to a restaurant before the hospital, and once in the hospital she was asking everyone about her new hair style ( short).
Mag is beginning to feel the effects of her treatments , today she is a lot more tired, not so much pain , just lethargic. Tomorrow is the last day for this round she will have two days off !
Mag made some chicken salad yesterday, and I ate the whole thing ! it was soooooo goooood !
Now it's 6:30 in the evening and Mag is painting the dogs are snorting, and I'm your know where...................... Love B & M

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A ton of bricks

Today it hit me like a ton of bricks, just what were in for , sure I new how serious her condition is, sure you feel bad,sad,sorry, compassion, but when you start to really realize this isn't a cold and it won't be easy,and maybe just maybe you have a chance of losing , well it puts a big hole in my heart . Of coarse I feel sorry for myself , but above all there aren't many people like Maggie in this world , she is truly Gods ambassador .
Her treatments aren't painful or causing distress, she is eating well, feeling good, and as social as ever. But the chemo is starting to cause hair loss, and bless her she is not complaining or depressed by it. The hospital has what I call a wig room that is staffed by volunteers it's full of wigs and hats and scarfs and a lot of that kinda stuff, and its all free thru the cancer society watching Mag was delightful and alarming she was like a kid in a candy store, uninhibited full of wonder , which styles which colors, do you like this one? to her it was almost normal, to me it opened my eyes , this for real!
Well she picked two of different styles and colors I think they both look good, but I kinda like the blond one . Right after we left we went to cut her hair now it'd shorter then mine, and still doesn't look bad.
I know this sounds unfair but I checked with Mag and she said it's O.K. with her. I would like everyone to leave a comment which one you like.
Thanks Love to All B & M

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Monday can't trust that day

Greetings from some time raining, mostly sunny Florida. Got up about 7:30 this morning to the sounds of booom booom , I thought it was the house across the street, it's under construction, but I knew by the tug on my side of the bed it was Lulu, and she was scared (always when there is thunder) she is the one who is the independent , and spends much of her time outside , hunting, frogs ,lizards, butterflies, things that go bump in the night.Once she brought a Tortuga like a turtle but doesn't live in the water , lives in Burroughs in the ground. She is affectionate but not too much , she'll come in and say high but goes back out, anyway when it rains she wants to cuttle up in my lap she shivers and is scared I like it as much as she does, so we spent about an hour watching tv this morning.Good stuff !
Had a 10:00 a.m. doctors app. for her first chemo treatment,the first time with new doc, it took about 1 hour, they gave her anti-nausea , and potassium, IV since it's the first time. She now has a pump attached to her port we will have to learn how to cope the tape that holds it on her port bothers her the most no I think having to drink 8, 8oz of water a day is worse. Later we went to radiation doc this took about 1/2 an hour, no pain or discomfort, Mag says so far so good ! we will see as time goes by this will continue for 6 weeks once a day for rad. twice a week to put on the pump and take off the pump Monday and Friday.
Her painting is going forward, it's her enjoyment, and makes time pass for her, as for me she asks me every 20 minutes "how does this look ?" the only draw back is she has to slow her down, she wants to Finnish to fast to start another, this week end she spent $70.00 on supplies. Well that's all from the left bank .
Love Bob & Mag

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ouch ! That really hurt !

Today we went to the radiation doc for our first visit , It didn't involve any radiation we just had to go for a prodcedure that kinda suprized me Mag said she thought they told her she had to be tatooed , well shur enough when she came out of the office she was saying that really hurt ! she lifted her blouse and showed me her new tat. It's permanent she got them last week after her scan just in marking pen now she can ride a motor cycle but can't wear a bikini ! I told her she ought to get her eyes done while she was there she declined.
There there for land marks to aim the radiation which we will began next Monday some of her girl friends took her out for lunch which she needs well that's about for it now everyone enjoy your weekend ,I can feel the change in the season! It doesn't get hot as fast, Love to all B &G

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today is the day for cleaning the house we have some one come in to help, but why do woman clean before the lady comes? Yesterday we went to the nail place to get Mags toenails tuned up , when she was in the hospital everyone could recognize her by her toes !
Our a/c quite working yesterday so we called to have it fixed, the guy came this morning
there was a bunch of ice on the coils, he said it was because of a bad valve that he has to order, but he did get it working for the time being.
My pictures are of a non personal nature , mag didn't think it was appropriate of me to post her in a night gown , it wasn't her I was posting about anyway ...............
Till next time B&M

These are some of the pests we have to deal with around here.

P.S. I learned to put a link in hears the first it's great for learning all kinds of songs this ones for you Hal

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Morning

Hows this for a good morning ! that's Dolly she has to be close to her mama she's our robo sweep not much to report for today ate the rest of our meal from yesterday seems like it always tastes better the second day !

"Dont worry about tomorrow today isn't done Love B&G

Monday, September 14, 2009


Today is a slow news day so I'll start with my doctors report my eyes are healthy and haven't changed since last year, yea!
today Mag and I made lunch together, I made a roast in the crock pot with veggies ( carrots, celery,onions, mushrooms, in a red wine sauce, ) a pot of mashed baby new potatoes with the skins ,sour cream and butter why not! Maggie made a pot of rice she's good at that a real Peruvian can't eat without rice.
After we cleaned up Mag went for a nap as she should.
The lawn fertilizer guy came this morning so the dogs couldn't go out for two hours there legs were crossed( all four of them) but there good dogs no piddle puddles or toosie roles anyway as some one famous once said Tha Tha THa Thas all folks.............................Love ya B&M

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My turn

Tomorrow it's my turn to go to the drs. I haf tooooo ket mi eies checkd...........oppps
I hav a hrd time tellin the diferance betwin my Hardly and my Craftsman oppps again
HaHa just kidding love.....bOB

Friday, September 11, 2009


Hey All,
Today started out with a phone call at 8 a.m. we are RETIRED!!! it was the Dr's. office reminding us of our appointment at 1:30 for a scan. Sooooooo needles to say Mag wasn't to thrilled ( I think it set her mood for the day she still isn't to sure of her about the up and coming treatments) Anyway we lolygaged all morning until I reminded her what time it was she finely got in gear and got ready to go so we went...........

I'm still learning how to do this blog thing so excuse the silly writing, got the scan Mag has ink lines on her stomache that are covered with tape so when we go to the Drs. they can have land marks they are covered with tape she has to be careful not to take a shower with the water directly on her tummy.

She has lost about 25 lbs. which is ok the good part is the Drs. said she can eat anything she wants all she wants, the not so good part is she has NO APATITE!!!!!!
whaaaaaaaaat the hey!!!!!! So we went out to a deli because she was hungry it was our first time and we were plesently suprized all was good, anyway all she could eat was a half a samwich and part of a great carrot cake , but she ate all the pickles!!!, they do have great pickles, the name of the place is D.J.Pickles.
I want to thank all of you who have posted comments you make our dayThanks to all

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Starting over

Today we went to the radiation doc and he is very nice besides he speaks Spanish, tomorrow we will have a scan done to determine the movement of Mags intestines, turns out the newest thing in a rad. machine that is in sinc with ones breathing being ,more effective at hitting the spot where it's needed the most and not going where it's not ( who knew) The rad. treatment will go on for 6 weeks 5 days a week straight unless there is a problem.
The oncologist is going to use a pump about the size of a small cassette player ( the Spanish word for pump is bomba and firemen are bomberos that's for Harold ) it will be on a long tube so she won't be restricted to much. The nurse will hook it up to her port Monday and take it off Friday for the weekend, all this will take place along with the rad.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009


One of our best friends requested that we include our dogs as part of our family, she is absolutely right ! My I introduce Lulu and Dolly.............................

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thank you very much for all your support

I want to let you know that I'm very grateful for all your support prayers an love, thank you
very much for all your thoughts love an care, that's is sunshine in my life Mil gracias por todo el carino y las oraciones, Uds. son la mejor medicina que pueda tener, los quiero mucho besitos love Maggie

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rain again !

Today it's raining ,of coarse it's the rainy season in fla. still warm 90+ but not so bad inside (77 with the a/c). I usually sit out side on the patio with the fan on , which is kinda nice, and read the morning paper and coffee, while listening to Neal Bortz on the radio,( I'm a closet conservative) . I like to see the big trees and bright flowers, lots of butterfly's , some times the dogs will try and catch a squirrel , our squirrels are gray and not as pretty as the ones up north.
Maybe it's Freudian But I enjoy the rain, first you hear it, gentile and soft, sometimes when the sun is still shining. Sometimes it comes on strong so dense you can't see the neighbors house , other times great thunder and lightening Mag makes me come inside the one dog Lulu runs for the closet or wants to be held shaking , and whimpering, Dolly could care less, it hardly inturups her laying on the coach nap .
Mag is enjoying painting she likes colors as you can see, we cook together, she does a little house work, and is feeling better. Love to all Bob

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Her we are

Mag came home last Thursday she was kinda week so she stayed in bed for two days, Monday we had a nurse come in ,along with a physical therapist , she has begun moving around, and we even went out to eat at a place called Three Bananas, along with a little drive. nice day ! Wednesday we had two Drs. appointments the first was with her new Oncologist, the second was a follow up with the family doc The new doc is a very nice young woman,she layed out a plan that includes chemo and radiation five days a week. Three days chemo two rad. lasting app. 5 to 7 weeks. Mag will have a pump for the chemo a little device that you can hang on you waist and even take off for a shower. That way she won't get such a large dose all at begin in about two weeks.
Today she is up and around even started painting , runs out of gas but every day is better...............Bob