Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things

Today Maggie is really getting back into the swing of things, she picked a broom and swept the front porch ! I don't know why there are three other people here, each one of us quite capable of doing the job. I guess she just wants to feel more normal now that she is feeling better.
A couple of weeks ago our neighbors big tree fell down just missing a corner of our house, I was sitting in the kitchen when we heard a loud  crash like a earthquake I looked out the window and saw a bunch of leaves blowing past our window HORIZONTALLY ! I ran outside there it was lying on the ground and it took down half of a tree on our lawn. The neighbors who own the house live in  New York and are here for a week every couple of months . The neighborhood busybody come out to see what happened, and said he would take care of contacting the people, fine with me. Anyway The tree removal people came they looked at our tree and recommended it be taken down also because of the damage , which we did. It took them three days ! the two large ,old, trees were a lot of work ! My point of this story is , we didn't even get a call,email, nothing from the neighbors !  They are not the most friendly to begin with, but I would have thought some kind of correspondence , just of concern for our well being .  How can people not have any concern ,or just plain courtesy.
The weather has been hot and sticky , so we won't be doing much outside past noon.
 Till next time.......................M&M

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Passwords for dummies

Hi every body, I hope you have been able to come to my blog, I haven't . How frustrating is it ? I have spent the last 45 minutes trying to get in ! Don't tell me I'm the only one, I know you all have done this to. I only have two email accounts ,three with Mags, my primary is with yahoo, and of coarse the Gmail, and Mags Gmail. Of coarse there are assorted passwords, there in lye's the problem . Side note I'm sitting here writing , with a little dribble out of the corner of my mouth, you know when you want to  have a drink or something.I made Mag a juice drink this morning, blueberry's, raspberry's, strawberry's,banana, and papaya, gave it to her, she drank it up no problem,had a little left over, gave myself some in a juice glass. Started trying to write the blog, I didn't think it was that long , but, as I lifted the glass to my lips anticipating that sweet , cool , burst of fruit......... NOTHING, the liquid sat in the bottom of the glass like it was painted on, no movement ! I made it thick but that thick ?Showed Mag she laughed
so I got a spoon ate it like custard, I like to feel the little seeds bursting as I chew my juice.
Now back to get my password; is it me or does anyone else have problems copying the inane words they want you to put into the box , I can't imagine how hard it must be if you dyslexic, which after this I might be along with my oldtimers.
Mag is feeling better every day, as a mater of fact it's amazing what 70% off at Cold Water Creek will do to get a woman out of bed!
I'm sitting here watching Lulu eating Figs off our tree, buts that's another story.........
                                            Love to All      M&M

Monday, July 19, 2010

Were Back

Here's the latest news from Maggie & Me I don't know were to start, I think I'll go with the latest and go back into the last 6 months a little at a time. When we got home from Peru Mag had her scans and blood work and they all came back negative for all the cancer, she is free from  that worry.
But it seems there was another problem there was a bulge in her abdomen the Doc said it was a hernia from her first operation, and that it would have to be repaired..............
Into the hospital we went ,along with our good friends Raul & Mirtha, Iris & Cholo, early one morning.
Well as the renown thinker of our time said   " Golly,and Shazam" The Doctors fond Two hernias one on each side, they repaired both, the biggest with a screen ,the other sewn from the inside. The Doc's told us it would be very painful well for once he was right, she has had a lot of pain. Ten small holes and two larger , she is truly a holey person. It's been two weeks and she is up and about, still a lot of pain . Well till next time...........
                                      Maggie and Bob

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The water tasts funny

Hi everyone we are all good, expecting company from Peru the end of the week, so we are cleaning and grocery  shopping . Here's
some recent picts, on the patio, on the lawn at the beach, hugs to all Love Bob & Mag

Monday, January 25, 2010

up early

This morning started early for me and Mag , actually more for Mag, I slayed in bed for another hour watching the news & weather while she took her shower and got ready to go to the doctor to have her "apparatus " (port) removed. We didn't have to be there till nine , but she was up at 7 . It's a simple outpatient procedure, they can actually do it in the drs. office but mag didn't want to do it there so her other choice was same day surgery.
She prefers to be out , which she was, it took about a half an hour for the removal and 45 min for recovery. Every thing went fine , there's a small dressing over the incision which will come off in three days . Not eating after midnight, of coarse she was hungry, and what can appease that kinda of hunger ? nothing like prim rib baked potato and salad ! 
There is a place close to us that has great prime rib, Martin's , it was what she needed, she only finished half but was completely satisfied, and I will get to finish the other half tonight. 
I will leave with this sign of the times, It's been windy around here, leafs are blowing , blustery. I have a big green trash can that we throw our trash into for pick up, my  suburban is parked next to it in the driveway , today I took out the Sunday paper and a small wicker trash can from my tv room. I opened the lid , emptied the can , put the can on the hood of my car, threw the papers in, and went back into the house. A while later I wondered what happened to the can ( this is the point) I forgot to bring it in with me , I went out and looked but couldn't find it ! I think it's a couple of blocks south of here.Such is the life.
                            Peace and love to all ....Bob& Mag

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

warming up

  Good day everyone, well it's finally getting warmer, up to 61 today. These are a few examples of what a freeze does to the plants. The good thing is after the leaves fall off, or taken off the plants will come back like before, these plants were like this last winter, we cut the dead parts off, and they all came back.
I want to give my sister an atta girl, she had an operation on her foot today hope she recuperates fast. Mag is almost over her cold, we went to the Dr. yesterday they want to take out the port the 25th of this month, which she welcomes. Also had a little scare , a while back she had a mammogram, it came back with some calcification's we went back today for another, the doc didn't think they were anything to worry about, so we will be going back in six months. Went to wall-mart to pick up her prescriptions ,we were coming from the doc's so she was dressed nicely , as we were walking to the door I made the comment that it's nice she dressed so stylish as we were going to a very upscale store, and a man parked heard us and busted out laughing. As we entered there was a man at one of those machines with the stuffed toys, he had two in his shopping cart , Mag can't pass up one of these things. Need less to say she and the player, were quite involved discussing the finer points  of playing this game, Mag would tell "move this way" he would counter " I don't think so, hears how I do it"great fun was had by all! I gave her 50cents no results just a shrug of the shoulder.
Tomorrow is take down the decorations day, we'll see how that goes.  Peace and love to all, A prayer for Haiti and all the people involved.            Bob & Maggie


Monday, January 11, 2010


Winter has struck us like the road runner cartoon character ,While Coyote.
Cold ,cold, more than a two dog night, ( all we have is two dogs) It looks like we live in the Black forest, all my plants have turned black, except the ones we brought in.
Maggie is still with cold, but is improving.We've been hold up in the house for the past week, lucky for me there's been a lot of football games on tv.
Our inside Christmas decorations are still up, I won't take them down without Mag, I have a tendency to loose things like those. Not much happening, here, just squeezing orange juice, and making soup. Till next time... B0b& Mag