Monday, November 30, 2009


You may ask why? the first question is do I have to put a question mark after the why in my title? I suppose I do, but why? I don't have to put one in the above sentence.
Why do we eat so much at Thanksgiving ? is it because of the >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
After that glorious, turcky, the tatoes, yams, and all manor of deserts, we always seem to ask the same question, Why? did I eat so much, why didn't I stop, why did I have to have that second piece of pie? Why I don't I have a few more belt holes, oh who cares ! if you can take your shoes off you can open your pant's. Thats why when you see the pictures of the dinner all the men sitting on the couch wear their shirts hanging out , and the ladies are either holding a throw pillow in there laps or standing around the deserts.
Any how I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, from the pics I've received it sure looks like it.
Mag and I were invited to some wonderful friends in Saint Augustine that's her turkey in the pic, she brined the bird and even the foil was juicy ! all the dinner was great! After, we all sat around the living room with a fire in the fire place, talking and laughing, in Fla. it's mandatory if it goes below 60 you have to have a fire.
The next day Mag and I vegged out, even tho it was my birthday we didn't do nutten, Mag baked me a cake, and found a card that she had to trim because she couldn't find the envelope.You might want to try the cake it's a angle food cake mix, with a can of crushed pineapple, juice and all mixed in that all, it's good tasting and low fat !
Maggie is feeling very good, this week she has to go for a scan to check out how effective her treatments were, but I know she has beaten the bad guys.
I'll stop for now Maggie is hovering over my shoulder trying to read this .
Love Mag & Bob

P.S. Cecy I'll send you the secret recipe

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Turning the corner

Hi ! all ! Sorry I haven't written sooner , I won't make any excuses( but I did forget my password ) Maggie is well on her way to recovery, you know that- when a women wants to go shopping. Yep and guess what she wanted to look for ? SHOES! can I get a amen! but I must ad she also wanted to shop for some small gifts for the staff at the hospital chemo and radiation. So last Friday we went to the annual Greek festival in Daytona we've been there in the past and enjoyed it, Mag was wanting a change of direction in her food, and to test her stomach and walking around abilities. Her stomach and legs are fine but either due to the economic conditions or
our extra year on earth,( older,and more picky) we were disappointed, it wasn't as good as last year except for the grape leaves, awesome ! the two things Mag wanted most , spinach pie , and those little balls with honey, not in stock.
The next day there was a Hungarian festival also in Daytona by the way both events were held in the respective churches , about the only good thing there was the water, which we brought with us ! They had stuffed cabbage, yuk made with sourcraught ,My speel check won't work on that word try it yourself ,no tomato sauce, chicken paprikas, I should use a cook book , no chicken , no paprika, no noodles ,I guess they didn't have time to steal a chicken, that's for Pat my sis. something they called goulash , I can't describe it, kielbasa with purple cabbage not, and bread. The pastries weren't much better you got a sampler plate with a slice of Kalacs, one Kiflik, some strange looking cookies all about the size of the tip of you little finger ! O yea they had palacsinta no tast, buy they way if you want a translation or how to make any of the above , just drop a line to my sister, great cook, I have a better Idea you all are invited to Hunkyfest 2010 at my cousin Bob's this summer around July you won't want to miss the bacon fat and onion sandwiches. I'm gittin hungry, Have you ever opened a cook book and crumbs were stuck between the pages, thats a good book.
Anyway Mags is doing so good she's starting to nag me ,just kidding, every day you can really see the difference thanks to all of your prayers.
Love Mag & Bob

Monday, November 9, 2009

Gettin by

Good day everyone, not much new to report on , Mags still feeling weak and sometime nauseated. Her apatite isn't what it should be and she has a cough. We went to the doctors today , all her vitals were good,her blood chemistry is perfect, and she looks great! So we asked why is she listless ? the answer is because of the radiation, and chemo she has had , it will take a couple of weeks for a noticeable recovery. In the mean time they gave her some steroids and hydration fluids I.V. that perked her up a little bit.
Got a prescription for cough medicine ( she's in the doughnut hole , medicare, so a $5.00 script cost $111.00! ) She better use it all !!
Now for the real news, I, me, yo, trimmed the orange tree,lemon, bougainvillea, palm
,and a bunch of other stuff, tied it all up in bundles so the trash guys will pick it up. I feel like a pin cushion my hands, arms and feet, have little holes all over ( I was wearing Crocks, which I quickly changed to my $5 walmart specials with the Velcro closers instead of laces ,yes I have relented to the pull of Walmart ,in our Walmart I may be the youngest person in there except for the employees, and a lot of them I'm not to sure of, this being Florida and you know what Florida is known for Oranges and old people. Most of the senior citizens, are from the New York, New Jersey area, so one must be on high alert when when pushing a cart, the people use a lot of those electric carts in the store, I would say besides not being able to see, or hear very well and most of them couldn't get a drivers license, it's a hazard to say the least,I have been flipped off a couple of times by these silver haired citizens, mostly women !
Well enough is enough, Peace and Love to all Mag & Bob

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Down hill

Well today isn't to good for Mag ,she feels very week and sometime nauseated she has one more day of radiation, and one more shot for her white blood cells. All the Doctors say these next two weeks are gonna be worst, than the first 6. Now it's going to take time for her body to rid itself of the poison she has been given . They say she must rest , but it's hard for her to stop going. Mag will get better, she has the spirit, and the want to ! Love Mag & Bob