Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your Done

Hello every body, the time is getting short for the end of Mag's treatment she's almost done ! Marice left yesterday for Peru, some sadness of coarse but it was great to have them here. Mag hasn't been feeling 100% since it's the last week of her treatment she has had more pains then ever plus she is more tired all the time, they said this is normal. She still has that spirit tho and every one says ,including me with her short hair she really looks good, I told her she looks like a model for those mature mags. she says I only say that because I like gray hair, which I do ,which she's fought against. Here are some picts of us, enjoy ,talk to ya later.............Love Bob & Mag

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hi every one I'm sorry we haven't been posting lately , we have had company from Peru, and have been very busy. Mags niece her baby boy ( he's 3) her husband, and her father in law, spent a week with us, her niece stayed a extra week, so theirs three of us here now.
Of coarse if you know Mag she was involved in going places and doing things, now she's very tired.
We went to the Dr. Monday to have her pump put on , and as is the practice
they did a blood test , all was well except her white cell count was down, that's the thing that fights the bad guys, the Dr. said it is pretty standard for this to happen ,because the chemo doesn't know the good guys from the bad guys. To rectify this situation they stopped her therapy for two days, Mon. Tue., and she is receiving a shot each day.
The shot stimulates the bone marrow to produce more white cells , and as a side effect it causes bone pain and general malaise. So for the past few days she hasn't had much zip.
Her appetite hasn't been very good as of late, she says she is to full from drinking so much water! Here is a pict of her niece and her son Marice and Ignacio, he is very active and loves trains. ............Love Mag & Bob

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Morning

Good morning all, first I want to thank my sister Pat Trent for the wonderful blog she put up about Maggie,LIVING ON GRACE check out her blog she has a lot of talent, Mags resting today after our past's weeks of painting and rearranging, for all you chicken lovers here are some picts of our flock. I pulled a bunch of weeds yesterday , have you ever had cramps in the back of your legs, the upper part above the knees? ouch!
Tomorrow She has to go back to have her chemo hooked up, but every week is one week closer to being done, the Doctor said she wil have to keep the port in for a year "just in case". Bye foe now M&B

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The weekend

Hi every body , first I want to thank everyone who have left comments , and welcome the new people, I know most of you through my sisters blog. Mags still hanging in there, she's feeling more unsettled a bit everyday , more nausea, more tired, a little more grumpy ( don't tell her I said that ) , and busier we painted the kitchen , now the garage walls cabinets, and floor, besides washing the driveway. Of coarse while doing the kitchen she changed her motif from Ducks, To Chickens, witch means more stuff for the garage !
Love to all ...............................M&B

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This is why I love her

Hi every body, does anyone know why the time posted on your comments is three hours off ? my computer s time is correct, and if so how to correct.
nothing much going on here except the weather is back to hot and sticky, it was a short fall !
I told you I was washing my driveway well Mag couldn't resist

That is why I love her , she's hard to keep down,
and never gives up !

Bye for now M&B

Monday, October 5, 2009

After the weekend

Today being Monday we had to go back to have the pump put back on it usually takes a little more than a hour for that, and then rite after go down a floor for radiation which is about a half hour. Mags feeling good, eating good,looking good also no issues so far.
I power washed part of the drive way it's sorta like the southern version of snow blowing , tomorrow I hope to finish. That's it for now .
Love M&B