Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This is why I love her

Hi every body, does anyone know why the time posted on your comments is three hours off ? my computer s time is correct, and if so how to correct.
nothing much going on here except the weather is back to hot and sticky, it was a short fall !
I told you I was washing my driveway well Mag couldn't resist

That is why I love her , she's hard to keep down,
and never gives up !

Bye for now M&B


  1. Ay Maggisita!!!!We cannot help it!!! we love cleaning. Sounds familiar Bob? Then, how can I ask Steve to do the homework now?

    Well, if you guys are complaining about the weather...I can't tell you how bad it is in Delray.

    You both are something. Something very special. That is why we all love you soooo much.

    I don't know about the time issue Bob....like for example right now, it is 6:39pm in my laptop. I quite don't understand what you need to fix (am I being slow???)


  2. oh I see...just noted the time off by 3 hours as you say Bob....hummmI'll try to find out how it can be fixed....hummmmmm

  3. This time difference is very mysterious; at least I now know that it isn't my computer. Maggie looks adorable with her new hairstyle . . . short hair fits her delightful personality!

  4. First..before I forget!
    To change the time, on your blog go to "Settings" then to "formating". As you scroll down you will see how to change the time to your time zone. I hope that helps.
    Now...Maggie looks WONDERFUL! They say that a good attitude is such a large part of getting well....I think she's got it made in the shade!!
    Love you's!

  5. Thanks Pat I think I got it lets see..

  6. Testing your time stamp. It's 12:05 here.
    I'm pressing enter!

  7. Maggie looks wonderful and I love her Spirit!
    Looks like she brings out the kid in you Bob.
    Love to you both!

  8. So you were a flying burrito brother...you are now Hal's hero. You'd probably like all the songs on his iPod too!!

  9. I'm here from Pat's blog. I live in Michigan like her, but on the other side of the state. I'm a nurse and can tell you that attitude makes a huge difference. I can see that Maggie has a great one!

  10. Visting from Pat's blog, What a great attitude! I can see why you love her! I'll be praying!