Saturday, October 10, 2009

The weekend

Hi every body , first I want to thank everyone who have left comments , and welcome the new people, I know most of you through my sisters blog. Mags still hanging in there, she's feeling more unsettled a bit everyday , more nausea, more tired, a little more grumpy ( don't tell her I said that ) , and busier we painted the kitchen , now the garage walls cabinets, and floor, besides washing the driveway. Of coarse while doing the kitchen she changed her motif from Ducks, To Chickens, witch means more stuff for the garage !
Love to all ...............................M&B


  1. Tell her I'm hooked on chickens too!
    Did she happen to see my Friday Blog? My friends and blog family are keeping her in their prayers!!

  2. I love chickens!!! Been looking to add some to my kitchen. Be sure to post pics of the finished kitchen redo! Hey, I know our Maggie could paint one gorgeous and colorful Rooster!
    Praying as always...Mag you are an inspiration!
    Love to you both!

  3. blessings on the both of you ... as you help each other through one of lifes biggest challenges ...

    my husband has had chronic pain for 26 years, after 2 failed back surgeries ... so the pain and discomfort of daily living - yet the steadfastness and grace of God, are things we are very familiar with ...

  4. Another week gone...GOOD1
    Bob, please tell Maggie that I read her email but because of the travelling I have little time to use the internet. Anyways, yesterday we drove along the Adirondacks and the beauty of the foliage!!!the colors!!! reminded me of Maggies paintings...I took a lot of pictures. I thought she might feel inspired and paint something :)
    I'm glad my son visited you both.
    Well driving from Utica to Newburgh today. Nice cold weather (well for us Floridians).
    I see we have more friends in the blog...WELCOME!

    Blessings to all.