Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your Done

Hello every body, the time is getting short for the end of Mag's treatment she's almost done ! Marice left yesterday for Peru, some sadness of coarse but it was great to have them here. Mag hasn't been feeling 100% since it's the last week of her treatment she has had more pains then ever plus she is more tired all the time, they said this is normal. She still has that spirit tho and every one says ,including me with her short hair she really looks good, I told her she looks like a model for those mature mags. she says I only say that because I like gray hair, which I do ,which she's fought against. Here are some picts of us, enjoy ,talk to ya later.............Love Bob & Mag


  1. Hooray for almost being done with treatment! Tell Maggie I'm fighting against gray hair myself, but I think she looks great. Really Classy!

  2. Oh my gosh . . . I love Maggie's classy sophisticated look! I've always thought she would look fantastic with short hair and the silver is especially striking. I hope she won't want to color it, because she looks sensational. She was meant to have sterling silver hair!

  3. Well...I'd say it's almost time to party...Yes, celebrate Maggie being done!
    And she looks so beautiful with her sassy, short silver hair!!!

  4. MAGGISITA!!!!!

    I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!...very cold in Lima. You look wonderful with your hairstyle, so keep it the same after you are done with this treatment. I have difficulty getting internet where I am staying (Muchas rejas)...but always have you with me. So excuse me if I am away...
    Much love to both of you,
    Cecilia & Steve

  5. I've been counting off the weeks..what beautiful words those will be..your done!
    I'm convinced that Maggie can't look bad which makes me extremely envious. Even her ears are perfectly flat to her head. What's up with that? If I had that hairdo, I'd look like I was ready to take off! Beautiful lady, and you're not half bad either!

  6. Beautiful pictures. It's so good to hear she'll soon be done with treatment! Blessings to you both.