Monday, October 5, 2009

After the weekend

Today being Monday we had to go back to have the pump put back on it usually takes a little more than a hour for that, and then rite after go down a floor for radiation which is about a half hour. Mags feeling good, eating good,looking good also no issues so far.
I power washed part of the drive way it's sorta like the southern version of snow blowing , tomorrow I hope to finish. That's it for now .
Love M&B


  1. What a blessing that she is coping so well with her treatment Bob...must be ALL THE LOVE and GOOD CARE you give her....and that amazing strength and spirit that Maggie has.

    We are in Delray and leaving for NY on thursday...oh do we miss home is so hot and muggy here un South Florida !

    Love to both (it is a relief that you have this blog and keep us posted :)

    Cecilia and Steve

  2. Southern version of snow blowing? Surely you jest!!LOL!
    Glad to hear that Maggie is doing so well, she's amazing!

  3. the way, good job on that driveway....I know what Steve will be doing when we come back from Peru!

  4. Very nice driveway, Bob! Your property and home are beautifully maintained. You would do well as a landscape designer. We kept our yard neat & colorful, in Glendora, but it almost isn't worth trying here in Michigan. Hope the week is starting out well for you & Maggie and ends up even better. Love ya' both!

  5. Bob, I'm curious about the time that shows after each comment. I just sent the last posting at 1:16, but it shows that it was sent at 10:16. I know there isn't a 3-hr. time difference between Michigan & Florida!

  6. Ellen, I didn't notice it until your comment, my computer has the right time, does anyone out there know the answer ?