Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Morning

Good morning all, first I want to thank my sister Pat Trent for the wonderful blog she put up about Maggie,LIVING ON GRACE check out her blog she has a lot of talent, Mags resting today after our past's weeks of painting and rearranging, for all you chicken lovers here are some picts of our flock. I pulled a bunch of weeds yesterday , have you ever had cramps in the back of your legs, the upper part above the knees? ouch!
Tomorrow She has to go back to have her chemo hooked up, but every week is one week closer to being done, the Doctor said she wil have to keep the port in for a year "just in case". Bye foe now M&B


  1. Yes - Pat is talented and such a sweetie too! I love your chickens. Everything looks cozy and inviting.

  2. Oh, it looks so beautiful. We are a blue loving family!!
    Yes, I've had those same cramps you speak of, I thought it was because I don't drink enough water, maybe not? They reallly hurt! I just finished up cleaning up the garden - that's it till next year!
    One week closer, I'm counting the days with you guys!
    Love you both!!

  3. pat is a gem. may your love increase and abound to many as you are filled with God's spirit

  4. Wow! The kitchen looks the chickens Maggie!
    Another week down...we will have a Blog party when it's done!

  5. I love blue and white... don't have as much as you... everything looks so pretty... love the chickens...

  6. Looks beautiful, everything remembers me California.
    Love you

  7. Your kitchen is absolutely charming with that lovely color combination. You have a nice collection of plates & roosters . . . excellent decorating skills!

  8. I bet neither of you two, knew you had such energy, such stamina....
    I know! it must be LOVE at it's fullest.....
    The kitchen looks so pretty and cozy, just as the rest of the house.
    Bob & Maggie you are the BEST!
    Beautiful sunflowers :) humm, do I know the guy who gave them to you, Maggie?
    Bob, after being away for 10 days I had to take care of my plantitas, and clean the house, and do the laundry: EVERYHING HURTS!!!!

  9. Hi Folks, I am a friend of Pat's and thought I'd look in to see how you two are doing. Such inspiration on these pages! Thank you for sharing the journey with us. May the Lord give unexpected, blessed surprises in the days ahead.

  10. Such a beautiful, bright, cheery kitchen!! I love it! visiting from Pat's blog - and I wanted to say that I have added Maggie to my prayer list! We serve an awesome God who is able to far exceed all of our expectations! ...Believing for a complete healing!! Blessings!

  11. Me again. Just checking in to see what's happening and to make sure you don't forget us!
    Love you both!

  12. Hi Bob and Mags...just checking in. Miss you! Praying as always!