Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hi every one I'm sorry we haven't been posting lately , we have had company from Peru, and have been very busy. Mags niece her baby boy ( he's 3) her husband, and her father in law, spent a week with us, her niece stayed a extra week, so theirs three of us here now.
Of coarse if you know Mag she was involved in going places and doing things, now she's very tired.
We went to the Dr. Monday to have her pump put on , and as is the practice
they did a blood test , all was well except her white cell count was down, that's the thing that fights the bad guys, the Dr. said it is pretty standard for this to happen ,because the chemo doesn't know the good guys from the bad guys. To rectify this situation they stopped her therapy for two days, Mon. Tue., and she is receiving a shot each day.
The shot stimulates the bone marrow to produce more white cells , and as a side effect it causes bone pain and general malaise. So for the past few days she hasn't had much zip.
Her appetite hasn't been very good as of late, she says she is to full from drinking so much water! Here is a pict of her niece and her son Marice and Ignacio, he is very active and loves trains. ............Love Mag & Bob


  1. The road to healing can seem so long, but really, she is doing amazingly well. Marice' and her little guy look like good medicine with their sweet faces! I can imagine how much joy they bring to Maggie. I remember Maggies joy when Marice' got married and the thrill when she had her little cutie pie.
    Give my love to all!

  2. Family is always a good dose of happiness. I am so amazed by Maggie's get up and go! Now, be sure to rest now, Mag...love you both!

  3. What a nice photo of your niece with her baby boy. I'll bet he is a bundle of energy! Bob, you are excellent at explaining what Maggie is going through . . . until now, I never understood the role of white cells in the body. Thanks for the clear explanation and for keeping us updated on all that is happening. We send both of you our love.