Monday, December 21, 2009

It's getting closer

This is the first day of winter, and Christmas is getting closer. We got our care package from my sister Pat, I want to thank her for them, all were intact no crumbs. Maggie has been eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner(me too) , she even told me to hide them, I told her it's to late now !
Last Saturday night we went to Steve & Cesie's house for a pre holiday get together with some friends, it's good to have friends like them.
Christmas we will spend with some other friends, Pat & Nena. Maggie remembers in Peru they all go to 8 o'clock mass,after that they have the traditional dinner.At 12 o'clock the children sing happy birthday to Jesus They serve a thick orange flavored hot chocolate ,and panetone, a lite fluffy cake with candied fruits and nuts. and everyone opens there gifts,this is Christmas eve, the next they go to grandmas for lunch.
May be some of you can share some of your experiences

Her are some picts of Mag doing her p.t. Merry Christmas to all !!!!!!
Love Bob and Maggie

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good news

Hello everybody,This morning we went to church, Maggie was so excited to tell everyone about her good news she was telling anybody that would listen, we sat down in one of the pews she looked at the woman next to her and started the conversation" Do you know I had cancer ?"then she proceeded to fill them in , even showing them her port. This is how she is , she can be a very serious adult, not afraid to face the difficulties of life, but retain that child like enthusiasm ,and it's not for her own glorification ,god is in all these conversations , she always reminds them she was is gods hands.
After church we went out for lunch, it rained all day Saturday so Sunday we wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather, and the church is only a block from the ocean. So we stopped at a place across from the ocean and ate outdoors, the view was good the food not so good,kinda greasy,as in southern cooking.
I'm glad we've got Skype, as it was I had to add money to the account, needless to say Mag burned up the air to Peru, it's all good ! How's ever ones Christmas prep coming ? baking, and buying,and baking and baking I wish I had some Hunky pastries. That is my request from Santa this year.
Well keep those cookies baking.
Love Bob & Mag

Thursday, December 10, 2009

We made it !

Well today we received the best Christmas gift ever, The doctor said ,drum roll please, Maggie shows no sign of cancer ! her pet scan was negative on all counts !
We have a follow up in March just because. After the holidays Mag will have her port taken out to Mags relive . Thanks to all the prayers from everyone, this has happened .
Now we can enjoy life, without this worry.
Merry Christmas to everyone . Love Bob & Mag

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tis that time of year

Well I hear the sound of grunting , and frustration , from me ! How can a tiny little lite bulb get the best of a 225 pound man , it sure can, when you try to find it on a string that are all out. Women don't understand that, I would rather, and have, thrown many many a light string away, and bought new ones. After two hours of blood pressure raising, eye crossing, ranting insane fits, I quite ! Time to try the new led lite's I hear there the best if any of you have used them ,how did they work ?
Poor Mag she is SO into decorating, she wishes she could leave them up all year, we did make a concession and did get a fake tree. She starts out with " this year I'll just do a little" 5 hours later she's still at it, all tho this year she doesn't have the physical power to do as much, like they say her spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.I tell don't worry, and she says "it's the job of the women to worry "
My contribution is decorating the outside, in the past I did a lot from animated deers with waving Santas, lights, a lot. This year it's gonna be a waving Santa and a blow up balloon Santa.
Maggie got her pet scan yesterday, and we have an appointment with the doctor Thursday for the results will let you know when we get back how they were.
Happy decoration everyone Love Bob & Mag

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A little Holiday cheer

I thought you might enjoy this old video, watch the little boy on Erny's right, he's really got rhythm , and enjoys what he is doing. We say" Merry Christmas here "!
Love Mag & Bob