Monday, December 21, 2009

It's getting closer

This is the first day of winter, and Christmas is getting closer. We got our care package from my sister Pat, I want to thank her for them, all were intact no crumbs. Maggie has been eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner(me too) , she even told me to hide them, I told her it's to late now !
Last Saturday night we went to Steve & Cesie's house for a pre holiday get together with some friends, it's good to have friends like them.
Christmas we will spend with some other friends, Pat & Nena. Maggie remembers in Peru they all go to 8 o'clock mass,after that they have the traditional dinner.At 12 o'clock the children sing happy birthday to Jesus They serve a thick orange flavored hot chocolate ,and panetone, a lite fluffy cake with candied fruits and nuts. and everyone opens there gifts,this is Christmas eve, the next they go to grandmas for lunch.
May be some of you can share some of your experiences

Her are some picts of Mag doing her p.t. Merry Christmas to all !!!!!!
Love Bob and Maggie


  1. You look Great!Have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. Yes, you all look wonderful! Glad the goodies arrived in one piece. Hal's glucose reading was high the other morning, I asked if he ate any kolach, he replied "only about half a loaf"! OY!
    Every time I see a panetone in the store, I think of Maggie. I like them too, but with a cup of fresh coffee from the French Press coffee pot you guys bought me!
    Maggie, you look so good..keep up the pt and get stronger! I keep you in my prayers and give thanks to God for His blessings!

  3. What fun! Maggie looks great. Merry Christmas!

  4. Am I doing a display of all my aprons??? The Thanksgiving apron, the Xmas apron the way, this last one is falling apart...but my daughter gave it to me as a Xmas gift a loooong time ago, so it is very special to me.
    Steve and I wish ALL of you, and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and a 2010 packed with the blessings of Health, Happiness and the Love of family and friends.

  5. Well, You...Bob and Mags are looking great...Merry Christmas from the Andrews house.
    The Orange flavored Hot Chocolate and Pantone sound wonderful...Christmas memories are such blessings in life! So happy to see you looking so well Maggie!!!
    Love to you both!

  6. Cherry-red is a striking color on you Maggie . . . you are beautiful & festive! Love Cecilia's colorful apron, too. It is obvious that all of you are having a wonderful Christmas celebration. What is in the large bowl on the table? Looks like some sort of meatballs.

    Love & cheery wishes to all . . .

  7. I keep you in my prayers and give thanks to God for His blessings!

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  8. Happy New year Bob & you!

  9. As long as we live....we will remember those xmas eve in Peru, the hot chocolate and panetone at midnight after burn hundres of firework...evrybody has to be on time at the table with the family and afterwords the exchange of presents by the xmas tree and the nativity...who is going to forget those moments.....if, if,if,.....sorry
    Dear Bob & Maggi as I read you blog I see you are going to have a enjoyable XMAS, I very happy for both of you, you are been blessing to have those good friend ...lots of love...Nelly