Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tis that time of year

Well I hear the sound of grunting , and frustration , from me ! How can a tiny little lite bulb get the best of a 225 pound man , it sure can, when you try to find it on a string that are all out. Women don't understand that, I would rather, and have, thrown many many a light string away, and bought new ones. After two hours of blood pressure raising, eye crossing, ranting insane fits, I quite ! Time to try the new led lite's I hear there the best if any of you have used them ,how did they work ?
Poor Mag she is SO into decorating, she wishes she could leave them up all year, we did make a concession and did get a fake tree. She starts out with " this year I'll just do a little" 5 hours later she's still at it, all tho this year she doesn't have the physical power to do as much, like they say her spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.I tell don't worry, and she says "it's the job of the women to worry "
My contribution is decorating the outside, in the past I did a lot from animated deers with waving Santas, lights, a lot. This year it's gonna be a waving Santa and a blow up balloon Santa.
Maggie got her pet scan yesterday, and we have an appointment with the doctor Thursday for the results will let you know when we get back how they were.
Happy decoration everyone Love Bob & Mag


  1. Light misery shared: Steve tried to lit a tree and: 1.- he covered just 2 branches out of probably 12...2- he went to buy more lites...never enough...still short...and too boot they got tangled (with him in between) and guess what (want to feel better?...when finally he decided :ENOUGH lites for this one....a set of lites was NOT working...so quote:"blood pressure raising, eye crossing and ranting insane fits": HE QUIT :)
    Bob, misery shared...but it still looks good :)
    well, the tree....not Steve.
    Talked to Maggie today, will call her after her appointment. Wishing the best for both.
    Love you guys

  2. Tree misery..a commmon Christmas ailment. We went and bought a pre lit tree this year... after Amy made fun of us for still trying to string lights! My mother in law used to take everything off her tree after Christmas except the lights, then have Hal move the entire assembled tree to the basement, put a large bag over it and call it done! The next Christmas up it came..already strung with lights!
    I'm sure it all looks great once Maggie put her decorating touch to it!
    Keep us informed on the test results...will be praying.

  3. Funny, funny message, Bob! I'm envisioning you ranting & raving, with crossed eyes . . . oh, how frustrating those lights can be. In the end, it's all worthwhile and wonderful.

    As a parallel, on a much larger scale, Maggie went through tremendous misery and frustration, but after all the chemo & radiation, there is a miracle! It was all worthwhile and wonderful.

  4. but it still looks good :)
    well, the tree....not Steve

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