Monday, January 4, 2010

Were back

Good day everyone, the holidays are over, time to get back into the groove . Haven't put the decorations away yet , Mag caught a cold Saturday , so it's home made chicken soup, and orange juice, just so happens a couple of days before, we bought a whole bunch of oranges from a grower, were giving the old juicer a work out ! She's feeling much better today.
Here in Fla. we've been going threw a cold spell supposed to last a week or so, into the 20's at night and not above 50 daytime. Mag and I covered the sensitive plants, out side, if it was me I wouldn't, they come back next year anyway o well.
It must of got pretty cold last night , because the dogs kept scratching on the side of our bed , they wanted to sleep under the covers with us, at first Mag said no , but after putting them in there own bed three times she put them in the bed next to me and they went right to the bottom of the bed next to me, I love it!
I hope everyone had a good new year, we went to some friends for the holidays, and enjoyed it very much, Thanks to Steve & Ceci, and Pat and Marie, a good time was had by all ! Till next time peace and love to all.. Bob & Mag


  1. You are back! Good!...Sorry Maggie caught a cold, and happy she feels better by now. We are ALL FREEZING...Steve and I have gone through Half of our firewood aleady (you know we love it)...Despite the water in both the fountain and the bird bath has turned into ICE...the Cardinals are back!!! ...and of course the squirrels are back too.
    Bob I hope you are right and our plant come back - I have protected the ones in the patio...but just to much to cover in the backyard...they're all burned).
    Enjoy the oranges and cuddle with Dolly and Lulu. Sparky is also taking advantage of the cold weather :)

  2. Were we raised in the same house? No doggies in my bed..don't like! Mom influenced me BIG TIME! LOL!!
    Those Florida juice oranges are so good, but I really love those big California navels...yummmy!

  3. I really love to read your blog, you description of everything is perfect.....I just talk to Maggi and she really sound sick, hope that terrible cold goes away soon, and also hope that the weather get better for you...poor Dolly and Lulu, thank God they have a nice Dad & Mom, all my love for you two....Nelly......

  4. Ah-ha! A two-dog night . . . can't imagine it being that cold in the Sunshine State. Our three cats sleep on top of the quilt near our feet, which is welcome warmth up here in snow-country. One of them snores right along with Larry . . . sometimes drives me off to another bedroom.

    Love & warm hugs!

  5. Maggicita, how is your cold doing, hope you felling better today, keep warm and in your friend...Nelly....

  6. Ayyyyy!!!!!! M&M: how you make me laugh, with the famous and good juice that you make to Maggi, I beg was delicious...special that custard of diff fruits, I wish I was there to taste.....oh enjoy it...
    How is my dear friend this morning, getting better and better thanks God....
    We are getting ready to hit our way to SD, to see my little ones...and maybe go to the casino to tried our luck......PECHANGA is in our way soooooo is a must, wish us luck..
    I love you my friends, talk to you in my way back lots oxoxoxoxoxo.....N E L L Y

  7. I just read about Maggicita with the broom, I so happy because she is felling much strong and getting to normal life....pretty soon she will be dancing knowing my dear terrible what happen with the trees, yhey must be very old trees....and about your neigbor they dont know what they miss out not to be friendly and courtesy with you guys, we love you....your friend always...NELLY.....