Monday, January 25, 2010

up early

This morning started early for me and Mag , actually more for Mag, I slayed in bed for another hour watching the news & weather while she took her shower and got ready to go to the doctor to have her "apparatus " (port) removed. We didn't have to be there till nine , but she was up at 7 . It's a simple outpatient procedure, they can actually do it in the drs. office but mag didn't want to do it there so her other choice was same day surgery.
She prefers to be out , which she was, it took about a half an hour for the removal and 45 min for recovery. Every thing went fine , there's a small dressing over the incision which will come off in three days . Not eating after midnight, of coarse she was hungry, and what can appease that kinda of hunger ? nothing like prim rib baked potato and salad ! 
There is a place close to us that has great prime rib, Martin's , it was what she needed, she only finished half but was completely satisfied, and I will get to finish the other half tonight. 
I will leave with this sign of the times, It's been windy around here, leafs are blowing , blustery. I have a big green trash can that we throw our trash into for pick up, my  suburban is parked next to it in the driveway , today I took out the Sunday paper and a small wicker trash can from my tv room. I opened the lid , emptied the can , put the can on the hood of my car, threw the papers in, and went back into the house. A while later I wondered what happened to the can ( this is the point) I forgot to bring it in with me , I went out and looked but couldn't find it ! I think it's a couple of blocks south of here.Such is the life.
                            Peace and love to all ....Bob& Mag


  1. Hooray for getting the port out! I think prime rib was a great way to celebrate!

  2. Oh Maggie must be so happy to get that port out, and it definately called for a celebration of prime rib!
    Don't fret about the trash can..having a memory is over rated!

  3. I tried unsuccessfully all morning to pull up your blog. Here it is 5:30 P.M. and I am now able to get in . . . just want to congratulate Maggie on getting rid of that port. Bob, I really enjoy your humorous and interesting blog!