Wednesday, January 13, 2010

warming up

  Good day everyone, well it's finally getting warmer, up to 61 today. These are a few examples of what a freeze does to the plants. The good thing is after the leaves fall off, or taken off the plants will come back like before, these plants were like this last winter, we cut the dead parts off, and they all came back.
I want to give my sister an atta girl, she had an operation on her foot today hope she recuperates fast. Mag is almost over her cold, we went to the Dr. yesterday they want to take out the port the 25th of this month, which she welcomes. Also had a little scare , a while back she had a mammogram, it came back with some calcification's we went back today for another, the doc didn't think they were anything to worry about, so we will be going back in six months. Went to wall-mart to pick up her prescriptions ,we were coming from the doc's so she was dressed nicely , as we were walking to the door I made the comment that it's nice she dressed so stylish as we were going to a very upscale store, and a man parked heard us and busted out laughing. As we entered there was a man at one of those machines with the stuffed toys, he had two in his shopping cart , Mag can't pass up one of these things. Need less to say she and the player, were quite involved discussing the finer points  of playing this game, Mag would tell "move this way" he would counter " I don't think so, hears how I do it"great fun was had by all! I gave her 50cents no results just a shrug of the shoulder.
Tomorrow is take down the decorations day, we'll see how that goes.  Peace and love to all, A prayer for Haiti and all the people involved.            Bob & Maggie



  1. It's a little warmer here too - a whole 26 degrees! Love the Walmart story!
    Praying for Pat today - hope she's doing well!

  2. You are just TOO funny Bob!!!!!!!Hope your sister gets better very soon ...also VERY Happy to hear Maggie is doing so much better....and yes, our plants hopefully will come back after the FLORIDA FREEZE.



  3. Thanks for the mention....I think today was the most painful, so I'm looking for a better day tomorrow! Soon I'll be able to tap dance which will really be something since I never could before!
    Glad to hear Maggies cold is better and the mamogram scare turned out ok. Can't be too careful.
    At least your freeze is short lived, mine's got a few more months left!
    Keep on taking care and loving each other!!

  4. We had a bit of a warm up today...mid 30's felt warm. lol
    Maggie, reminds me of my Mama! She never meets a stranger!!! They might've just met you but when you part ways, you have a friend for life. Love that quality!
    Love you guys.

  5. Trish could not have said it better about Maggie's special ability to make friends. She draws people into her warm heart.

    Love to all!

  6. You are getting warm an we are getting cool, we have more than a week of rain, we are getting tired of it.....Los Angeles Crest full of snow, we had a beautiful view from my house, my sister are enjoy to see so much snow..even on Glendale mountain.....

    Maggi I received you email, thanks for the love that you send to my sister and me, I have a very nice B-day, God bless me to expended with my sister and friends at Pechanga Resort & Casino, we home now, without doing nothing because the rain....waiting to see my brother coming from Peru..say hello to you..your friend NELLY.....