Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Turning the corner

Hi ! all ! Sorry I haven't written sooner , I won't make any excuses( but I did forget my password ) Maggie is well on her way to recovery, you know that- when a women wants to go shopping. Yep and guess what she wanted to look for ? SHOES! can I get a amen! but I must ad she also wanted to shop for some small gifts for the staff at the hospital chemo and radiation. So last Friday we went to the annual Greek festival in Daytona we've been there in the past and enjoyed it, Mag was wanting a change of direction in her food, and to test her stomach and walking around abilities. Her stomach and legs are fine but either due to the economic conditions or
our extra year on earth,( older,and more picky) we were disappointed, it wasn't as good as last year except for the grape leaves, awesome ! the two things Mag wanted most , spinach pie , and those little balls with honey, not in stock.
The next day there was a Hungarian festival also in Daytona by the way both events were held in the respective churches , about the only good thing there was the water, which we brought with us ! They had stuffed cabbage, yuk made with sourcraught ,My speel check won't work on that word try it yourself ,no tomato sauce, chicken paprikas, I should use a cook book , no chicken , no paprika, no noodles ,I guess they didn't have time to steal a chicken, that's for Pat my sis. something they called goulash , I can't describe it, kielbasa with purple cabbage not, and bread. The pastries weren't much better you got a sampler plate with a slice of Kalacs, one Kiflik, some strange looking cookies all about the size of the tip of you little finger ! O yea they had palacsinta no tast, buy they way if you want a translation or how to make any of the above , just drop a line to my sister, great cook, I have a better Idea you all are invited to Hunkyfest 2010 at my cousin Bob's this summer around July you won't want to miss the bacon fat and onion sandwiches. I'm gittin hungry, Have you ever opened a cook book and crumbs were stuck between the pages, thats a good book.
Anyway Mags is doing so good she's starting to nag me ,just kidding, every day you can really see the difference thanks to all of your prayers.
Love Mag & Bob


  1. Well, it's a happy report that she is starting to nag you! :)
    That food doesn't sound to good to me either.

  2. OK Bob, you got me laughing out loud over the remark about stealing a chicken! Brings back memories of dad!
    Hal would have loved those grape leaves..his favorite. I've made them, but it's easier to go out to eat and buy them! Thanks for the compliment on my cooking..I didn't get this softig figure from not eating! I was in charge of providing the szalona for the Hunkyfest this year...nothing like bbq'd bacon grease on bread covered in onions, cukes and tomatoes!
    I'm so glad Maggie is on the mend, happy days are here again! Opa!

  3. AMEN on the shoes! What a great post today! If you're going to proclaim a Hunky Fest, you need to man up and do it right!

  4. Of course she needs the best shoes...for those beautiful toes!!!! Sooooo happy she is doing so well, and you too (despite the Greek culinary dissapointments)...next time you come home...we'll have her Greek favorites :)

    I'll call Maggie right now! (we are in Boca on our way to Miam...never stop!!!!)



  5. We couldn't be happier about Maggie feeling upbeat and ready to shop! Bob, everything you wrote about is interesting and/or fun, but you made one statement that really made an impression and is definitely a truism: "Cookbooks with crumbs stuck between the pages are good books."

    Love to you & Maggie!

  6. You are so right...a woman's got to be on the mend to go shopping for shoes. So, happy to hear that Mag is ready for some activities. I too was impressed by your observation that "Cookbooks with crumbs stuck between the pages are good books!"
    Love to you and Maggie!
    Oh, and yes, your sister is an awesome cook!

  7. I am so glad to hear about Maggie's progress. That's really good news. I am a shoe person too -that is the first area I go to when in a store. Maybe next time Maggie & I can go shoping for shoes together. Sorry to hear about the food at the festivals. The spinach pie is one of my weaknesses. I like your comments about Walmart in particular. Well, keep & don't work too hard. Love, Ines

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Bob & Maggie!

  9. Happy thanksgiving to all , love Bob & Maggie