Monday, November 9, 2009

Gettin by

Good day everyone, not much new to report on , Mags still feeling weak and sometime nauseated. Her apatite isn't what it should be and she has a cough. We went to the doctors today , all her vitals were good,her blood chemistry is perfect, and she looks great! So we asked why is she listless ? the answer is because of the radiation, and chemo she has had , it will take a couple of weeks for a noticeable recovery. In the mean time they gave her some steroids and hydration fluids I.V. that perked her up a little bit.
Got a prescription for cough medicine ( she's in the doughnut hole , medicare, so a $5.00 script cost $111.00! ) She better use it all !!
Now for the real news, I, me, yo, trimmed the orange tree,lemon, bougainvillea, palm
,and a bunch of other stuff, tied it all up in bundles so the trash guys will pick it up. I feel like a pin cushion my hands, arms and feet, have little holes all over ( I was wearing Crocks, which I quickly changed to my $5 walmart specials with the Velcro closers instead of laces ,yes I have relented to the pull of Walmart ,in our Walmart I may be the youngest person in there except for the employees, and a lot of them I'm not to sure of, this being Florida and you know what Florida is known for Oranges and old people. Most of the senior citizens, are from the New York, New Jersey area, so one must be on high alert when when pushing a cart, the people use a lot of those electric carts in the store, I would say besides not being able to see, or hear very well and most of them couldn't get a drivers license, it's a hazard to say the least,I have been flipped off a couple of times by these silver haired citizens, mostly women !
Well enough is enough, Peace and Love to all Mag & Bob


  1. It's good to hear that Maggie got a good report. I'm happy to hear of the good blood chemistry - that's a great sign. Now she just needs to recuperate from the radiation and chemo. Good job to you for all the work you got done. Very productive!

  2. I see a very positive outcome here, even though Mags is going through this tuff period. Her body is fighting all that icky stuff to make way for the good...that good blood chemistry is great news. We'll be dancing like two Peruvians before long! I wonder how this Hunky/German will look dancing?
    As for you Mr., sounds like you're some kind of working machine. Got yourself some fancy velcro sneakers huh? You always were a trend setter!

  3. Great report on Maggie! She's getting better, even though she doesn't feel all that well, yet. As for the rest of your message, you sure have a knack for saying things that really make me laugh. I've said it before and will repeat it, again, Bob ... you must write a witty book. You make people want to keep reading and that's what it's all about. With all that has been going on in your life, I'm so glad you maintain that wonderful humor!

  4. Praying strength for our Maggie. I know it's hard to keep that lively gal down but rest she must.
    Hmm...I would enjoy visiting your Walmart and being the youngest one in the place. lol.
    Tom loves Boat Shoes, so that he can just slip in and out of them when working in the yard.
    Love to you and Mag!

  5. Sounds like things are going good. Maggie has really handled all this with strength and courage, it shows her character. I love the story of Walmart. Ours is full of non-english speaking people who look like they just rolled out of bed. And instead of being flipped off you might be shot.

  6. Dear Bob & Maggicita: This the best news I have ever received, it was wonderful when I talk to Maggi on the phone, she sound so so happy and full of live...the way she sound make me almost cry ......I was so exicited too,I meet Bob & Maggy not long ago, and I feel like we know eachother all my life.....Arriba Maggycita and mantein that positive you, now this go for Bob, congrat. for those coment, infor, etc. etc. that keep us up today about Maggy & You... it was like I was reading a book, you was so entretaining, I found myself checking the blog evry day because I could wait.....I been traid so many time to enter to your blog with not sucess, ( sorry my spelling ok. )to tell you that you done a very good job, and not only with Maggycita but at the same time with your blog....congratulation again and I hope this time I will do it for both of you....MERRY X-MAS!!!!!!!!!!

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