Monday, November 30, 2009


You may ask why? the first question is do I have to put a question mark after the why in my title? I suppose I do, but why? I don't have to put one in the above sentence.
Why do we eat so much at Thanksgiving ? is it because of the >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
After that glorious, turcky, the tatoes, yams, and all manor of deserts, we always seem to ask the same question, Why? did I eat so much, why didn't I stop, why did I have to have that second piece of pie? Why I don't I have a few more belt holes, oh who cares ! if you can take your shoes off you can open your pant's. Thats why when you see the pictures of the dinner all the men sitting on the couch wear their shirts hanging out , and the ladies are either holding a throw pillow in there laps or standing around the deserts.
Any how I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, from the pics I've received it sure looks like it.
Mag and I were invited to some wonderful friends in Saint Augustine that's her turkey in the pic, she brined the bird and even the foil was juicy ! all the dinner was great! After, we all sat around the living room with a fire in the fire place, talking and laughing, in Fla. it's mandatory if it goes below 60 you have to have a fire.
The next day Mag and I vegged out, even tho it was my birthday we didn't do nutten, Mag baked me a cake, and found a card that she had to trim because she couldn't find the envelope.You might want to try the cake it's a angle food cake mix, with a can of crushed pineapple, juice and all mixed in that all, it's good tasting and low fat !
Maggie is feeling very good, this week she has to go for a scan to check out how effective her treatments were, but I know she has beaten the bad guys.
I'll stop for now Maggie is hovering over my shoulder trying to read this .
Love Mag & Bob

P.S. Cecy I'll send you the secret recipe


  1. Great news! Glad to hear she is doing well and I know the scan will give good news.
    The turkey looks so good!

  2. Looks delish! What are your friends names...I'd like to "know" them.
    Mags looks wonderful...can't wait to hear the good news of her scan..that's what its going to be GOOD NEWS!
    For your info, I keep a pillow in my lap at all times...and your not supposed to tell everyone why...geeezzzz! Brothers!

  3. The name of the girls are: above the turkey is
    Mena, Cecy, and Mag above that is Cecy and her husband steve above that Diego Cecys son, Bob & Mag above that Mecha,Nenas Mom, Cecilia Nenas sister, Patrick Nenas husband,Steve,Bob Mag,Diego, Cecy took the pictures

  4. LOVE THE PICS..AND THE COMMENTS.We had such delicious food that evening....of course we had to enjoy every bit of it, THANKS to all of you who cooked, laughed and shared a wonderful Thanksgiving at home. Steve and I are blessed with such wonderful friends.
    WHY,WHY,WHY...didn't you tell us your birthday was coming?????? Happy belated birthday Bob!!!
    We are all waiting for the GOOD NEWS.
    MAGGISITA is an amazing human being. So many lessons to learn from both of you: Everyday is THANKSGIVING. GOD BLESS.
    (I'd love to have that recipe...thank you!)

  5. Love the pics and the comments! THANKS to all of you who cooked, laughed, and shared such an unforgettable THANKSGIVING at home. Steve and I are blessed to have such wonderful friends.
    WHY,WHY,WHY didn't you tell us your Birthday was coming???? Happy belated Birthday Bob!
    We are all waiting for the GOOD NEWS! Everyday is a THANKSGIVING. God Bless all of you.
    (I would love to have that secret recipe kids are coming for Xmas and I would like to have it as one of the specials for dinner :)

  6. I want a piece of your turkey !!!! look delicious
    Maga you look great.
    God bless you
    Love Patty

  7. Tiitos , que lindo que la tia Maggie se sienta mejor, los veo felices en la celebracion de Thanksgiving. El jueves todo va a salir muy bien , los quiero mucho. besitos Maricé

  8. So happy to hear that Mags is feeling so well and WOW...she looks great! Yeah...after thanksgiving dinner I felt as stuffed as the turkey!!!
    I read about brining a turkey, Now I think that I will give it a whirl next year.
    Waiting to hear the good news from the Dr.! We will have to have a blog Party to celebrate!
    Love you both!