Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things

Today Maggie is really getting back into the swing of things, she picked a broom and swept the front porch ! I don't know why there are three other people here, each one of us quite capable of doing the job. I guess she just wants to feel more normal now that she is feeling better.
A couple of weeks ago our neighbors big tree fell down just missing a corner of our house, I was sitting in the kitchen when we heard a loud  crash like a earthquake I looked out the window and saw a bunch of leaves blowing past our window HORIZONTALLY ! I ran outside there it was lying on the ground and it took down half of a tree on our lawn. The neighbors who own the house live in  New York and are here for a week every couple of months . The neighborhood busybody come out to see what happened, and said he would take care of contacting the people, fine with me. Anyway The tree removal people came they looked at our tree and recommended it be taken down also because of the damage , which we did. It took them three days ! the two large ,old, trees were a lot of work ! My point of this story is , we didn't even get a call,email, nothing from the neighbors !  They are not the most friendly to begin with, but I would have thought some kind of correspondence , just of concern for our well being .  How can people not have any concern ,or just plain courtesy.
The weather has been hot and sticky , so we won't be doing much outside past noon.
 Till next time.......................M&M


  1. Wow - that was quite a tree. Hard to believe that those neighbors never even called!

  2. Glad to hear Maggie is feeling more in the swing of things! Thats a good sign!
    That was not very neighborly of your neighbor. There's no figuring out some people.
    Sending a hug your way! (())

  3. Dont-worry-be-happy !!!!! Hello my friends....just coming back from Vegas, have a wonderful time...the wheather hot but nice, very dry.....thinking of you guys.....love oxoxoxoxo

  4. I waiting for your comments and news my dear BOB, I really enjoy it to read them,... it was nice to talk to you this morning, I glad you have a nice lunch... that my dear friend MAGICITA, prepear for you... I heard was a delicious fish kind of chinese style....yummy !!!!..as you cant see finally I got to enter to the blog the right way....uuuffff !!!! ja ja ja.. lots of love for both of you...your always friend......

  5. Checking in on you dear Brother.
    What's new?

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