Friday, September 11, 2009


Hey All,
Today started out with a phone call at 8 a.m. we are RETIRED!!! it was the Dr's. office reminding us of our appointment at 1:30 for a scan. Sooooooo needles to say Mag wasn't to thrilled ( I think it set her mood for the day she still isn't to sure of her about the up and coming treatments) Anyway we lolygaged all morning until I reminded her what time it was she finely got in gear and got ready to go so we went...........

I'm still learning how to do this blog thing so excuse the silly writing, got the scan Mag has ink lines on her stomache that are covered with tape so when we go to the Drs. they can have land marks they are covered with tape she has to be careful not to take a shower with the water directly on her tummy.

She has lost about 25 lbs. which is ok the good part is the Drs. said she can eat anything she wants all she wants, the not so good part is she has NO APATITE!!!!!!
whaaaaaaaaat the hey!!!!!! So we went out to a deli because she was hungry it was our first time and we were plesently suprized all was good, anyway all she could eat was a half a samwich and part of a great carrot cake , but she ate all the pickles!!!, they do have great pickles, the name of the place is D.J.Pickles.
I want to thank all of you who have posted comments you make our dayThanks to all

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  1. Boy, this yellow highlighted post gets your attention! LOL!
    I don't blame Mag's for her mood...she's doing so well though. Don't you hate those morning phone calls? We don't get up before 8am most of the time!
    Hey did that deli have pastrami sandwiches? I need one.

  2. Ya I wish I knew how I got it yellow, Mag and I both had pastrami Sammie's, mine was just plain with mustard and pickles Mags was like a ruben it had cheese and sauerkraut, I'm eating the half she didn't finnish for lunch today !
    WE really enjoyed the pics. of Sara's house she did a wonderful job, just tell Herold to keep his feet out of the pics. Love to all........
    Bob and Mag

  3. How do you keep a size 15 out of the pics? LOL! I tried to crop them out, but they were always there, at least his socks were clean!
    Is the pastrami as good as the Hat?

  4. pastrami! fabulous. we're praying for you guys every day and believing for all good things. next thing you know, she'll be eating your half of a sandwich! dean is trying to remove the range hood so we can paint it as we speak. it ain't goin' so good. can you come by and help? you're the only one we haven't roped in and used unashamedly for free labor yet!

  5. No it isn't as good as the hat but you take what you can git, I wish I could come give you a hand with the hood keep it going

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