Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today is the day for cleaning the house we have some one come in to help, but why do woman clean before the lady comes? Yesterday we went to the nail place to get Mags toenails tuned up , when she was in the hospital everyone could recognize her by her toes !
Our a/c quite working yesterday so we called to have it fixed, the guy came this morning
there was a bunch of ice on the coils, he said it was because of a bad valve that he has to order, but he did get it working for the time being.
My pictures are of a non personal nature , mag didn't think it was appropriate of me to post her in a night gown , it wasn't her I was posting about anyway ...............
Till next time B&M

These are some of the pests we have to deal with around here.

P.S. I learned to put a link in hears the first it's great for learning all kinds of songs this ones for you Hal


  1. If someone was coming to clean my house, I'd have a good ol' panic attack just thinking about it!!! lol.
    Mag's got pretty toes...that's a good thing.
    Oh, and around here they are not pests...we call them SUPPER!

  2. I'm about due for a toe nail tune up myself, think I'll go next Wednesday when it's Senior discount day!
    Thanks a lot for the guitar chord link...I think.

  3. Are you kidding this is Florida everyday is Senior discount day!

  4. Larry says your "pests" look delicious. I just think they are beautiful and sweet. You surely do live in Paradise!