Friday, September 4, 2009

Rain again !

Today it's raining ,of coarse it's the rainy season in fla. still warm 90+ but not so bad inside (77 with the a/c). I usually sit out side on the patio with the fan on , which is kinda nice, and read the morning paper and coffee, while listening to Neal Bortz on the radio,( I'm a closet conservative) . I like to see the big trees and bright flowers, lots of butterfly's , some times the dogs will try and catch a squirrel , our squirrels are gray and not as pretty as the ones up north.
Maybe it's Freudian But I enjoy the rain, first you hear it, gentile and soft, sometimes when the sun is still shining. Sometimes it comes on strong so dense you can't see the neighbors house , other times great thunder and lightening Mag makes me come inside the one dog Lulu runs for the closet or wants to be held shaking , and whimpering, Dolly could care less, it hardly inturups her laying on the coach nap .
Mag is enjoying painting she likes colors as you can see, we cook together, she does a little house work, and is feeling better. Love to all Bob


  1. Bob...tell Maggie I love her paintings...the vivid colors she uses are fantastic! The white house looks like the place Tom and I lived in Tucson when he was stationed at the Air Force Base there...many moons ago!
    Enjoy the to you both!

  2. Bob, What a wonderful posting! I had not idea that Maggie was so artisitically talented, on top of being one of the kindest people I know. It is very good to know that she is back home and you are enjoying a respite from the cure. Love, Susy

  3. I love the rain too. Not crazy about lightening though. It's like the rain makes you relax, at least thats how it makes me feel.
    I'm glad Maggie is doing well, I love the picture of the house with all the blue background. It reminds me of Greece...the one place I've always wanted to visit.

  4. Rain must be a family trait, it's my favorite. Again great pictures you all sound good and happy.

    Love Lisa

  5. Bob, I love the way you write! "Rain Again" would be an interesting book title and what you wrote would draw me immediately into your book.

    I'm so glad that Maggie is painting, again. She uses such happy colors and I like her loose style.

    Lots of love being sent your way!