Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Monday can't trust that day

Greetings from some time raining, mostly sunny Florida. Got up about 7:30 this morning to the sounds of booom booom , I thought it was the house across the street, it's under construction, but I knew by the tug on my side of the bed it was Lulu, and she was scared (always when there is thunder) she is the one who is the independent , and spends much of her time outside , hunting, frogs ,lizards, butterflies, things that go bump in the night.Once she brought a Tortuga like a turtle but doesn't live in the water , lives in Burroughs in the ground. She is affectionate but not too much , she'll come in and say high but goes back out, anyway when it rains she wants to cuttle up in my lap she shivers and is scared I like it as much as she does, so we spent about an hour watching tv this morning.Good stuff !
Had a 10:00 a.m. doctors app. for her first chemo treatment,the first time with new doc, it took about 1 hour, they gave her anti-nausea , and potassium, IV since it's the first time. She now has a pump attached to her port we will have to learn how to cope the tape that holds it on her port bothers her the most no I think having to drink 8, 8oz of water a day is worse. Later we went to radiation doc this took about 1/2 an hour, no pain or discomfort, Mag says so far so good ! we will see as time goes by this will continue for 6 weeks once a day for rad. twice a week to put on the pump and take off the pump Monday and Friday.
Her painting is going forward, it's her enjoyment, and makes time pass for her, as for me she asks me every 20 minutes "how does this look ?" the only draw back is she has to slow her down, she wants to Finnish to fast to start another, this week end she spent $70.00 on supplies. Well that's all from the left bank .
Love Bob & Mag


  1. Monday, Monday ... can't trust that day! How true, Bob. Anyway, looks like Maggie is a good candidate for this treatment and holding up beautifully. I'm so glad she continues to paint ... it is her passion (besides you) and she does it well. Congratulations on making it through this first day without a hitch!!! Sending love & hugs ...

  2. nice paints Maggie, you look great on the pictures.
    All my love for both of you

  3. Bob,

    First thing today in the morning: read your blog Bob...I wanted to know how things turned out on Monday, Monday...and so far, so good. God Bless!
    Maggie definitely has a special gift for paintingher colors are so vibrant...and at the same time, it is a wonderful way to enjoy herself. She knows you have good taste, that is why she asks for your opinion.
    I can't believe you are still having has been pretty quiet around here. I am hoping for some rain today, otherwise we'll have to water the plantitas .
    Lots of hugs for you both, Steve and I are so happy everything went well yesterday.
    What are you cooking today????
    Muchos besitos para los dos, ooops, never forget Lulu and Dolly, besitos for them too.

  4. Praying for you both. I am so amazed by her Art work! If I lived closer, I'd love to visit for a closer look at her paintings and a nice visit!
    Love to you Bob and Maggie!

  5. Trish thank very much for all your comments, prayers an love , You are welcome to come down anytime, and you and Mag can paint together,Maggie sends you a BIG HUG