Friday, September 18, 2009

Ouch ! That really hurt !

Today we went to the radiation doc for our first visit , It didn't involve any radiation we just had to go for a prodcedure that kinda suprized me Mag said she thought they told her she had to be tatooed , well shur enough when she came out of the office she was saying that really hurt ! she lifted her blouse and showed me her new tat. It's permanent she got them last week after her scan just in marking pen now she can ride a motor cycle but can't wear a bikini ! I told her she ought to get her eyes done while she was there she declined.
There there for land marks to aim the radiation which we will began next Monday some of her girl friends took her out for lunch which she needs well that's about for it now everyone enjoy your weekend ,I can feel the change in the season! It doesn't get hot as fast, Love to all B &G


  1. You two are the most adorable couple!!!....I'm sorry I missed the blog mama had me spinning around - please don't ask.
    But today Maggie and I had a phone update...she really had a good time with her wonderful friends - while I was at home keeping a close eye on a cottonmouth snake close to our front door...she managed to vanish though- so now what????

    One thing Bob: and I thought Steve was a good cook!!! well, he is, but your menus sound delicious!..

    Have a relaxed weekend. Maggisita I'll call you on Tuesday.


  2. Is it "X" marks the spot or do you get to pick a rose or something you want?!
    These will just be markers of a battle she's won, kind of like medals of honor!

  3. Gosh, I never pictured Maggie as a "motorcycle Mama" . . . a "beautiful beach baby" with a tattoo, yes! I like how Pat describes the markers as Medals of Honor. Hugs!

  4. Pat's right...Medals of Honor! Now ya' both need a Harley and some leather pants!

  5. missed a lot in a week. I always wanted a little tatoo, never new what to get.Whats on Maggies toes that stands out ?

  6. Lydia oh Lydia; have you seen Lydia...