Thursday, September 10, 2009

Starting over

Today we went to the radiation doc and he is very nice besides he speaks Spanish, tomorrow we will have a scan done to determine the movement of Mags intestines, turns out the newest thing in a rad. machine that is in sinc with ones breathing being ,more effective at hitting the spot where it's needed the most and not going where it's not ( who knew) The rad. treatment will go on for 6 weeks 5 days a week straight unless there is a problem.
The oncologist is going to use a pump about the size of a small cassette player ( the Spanish word for pump is bomba and firemen are bomberos that's for Harold ) it will be on a long tube so she won't be restricted to much. The nurse will hook it up to her port Monday and take it off Friday for the weekend, all this will take place along with the rad.


  1. Praying for you both...much love!

  2. Sounds like Maggie is getting good care. They've come so far in their treatments, you just have to find a good Dr. and hospital.
    My bombero and I got a good laught out of that little joke...thankfully he is no longer bomberoing!
    Keep me posted when you have the time!
    Love to you both!

  3. Bob, your messages are always interesting! I also love the pictures you are posting. Great photo of you and your adorable dogs. You are such a godsend for dear Maggie. Love you . . .