Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week Two

Hello all, this weekend we didn't do much, Friday went to the hospital for our scheduled radiation and then went to the chemo place, it's on the second floor of the same hospital. This was a new experience for Mag . She had her pump taken off for the weekend, it hurt a little but not to much, of coarse after slamming the tube in the car door, and the sometime comic actions of forgetting she was attached , she did pretty well the first week.
Monday we go back for the reverse process, one week down five mor
See full size imagee to go !
Had some friends over Saturday for lunch and played Rummy Cube, I made a Spanish Tortilla which has onions, red and green peppers potatoes , Asparagus and sausage a little Parmesan cheese and of course 12 eggs you make it in a big pan cook it on the burner and finish in the
Spanish Tortilla with Chorizobroiler not bad , I was the big loser, didn't win a game, of coarse Mag didn't help you know her, she had to help the other players ! "you missed this one, here do this do that, are you sure that's all you have?" by the time it got around to me I couldn't do much, oh well.
Sunday was a do nothing day , Mag needed her rest after talking with ALL her friends on the phone who called her. I had some wireless speakers I hooked up to my laptop and put them on the patio there's so much more to listen to then the radio, plus were live sometimes I can get 4 stations, it's working well. Thats it for now keep well....................B&M


  1. Bob...hey I don't even know what Rummy Cube is (well I kind of know it is a game now)...and have absolutely no clue how to play it!!! and in any takes much more skill to cook a good Spanish Tortilla!!

    The bright side is that 1 week is over now.....and that Maggie is in the mood to share with friends and play, etc...

    I am a not a phone person at all...sometimes I feel bad about it...but I know Maggie receives a lot of calls (always).

    Much love to both...enjoy the radio stations....

  2. I think that Cecilia could have written my comment...she said everything I feel!
    That Spanish Tortilla looks so good, you'll have to make it for me someday when I come to visit!
    I'm so glad that one week is past and Maggie is a week closer to getting well. She is doing amazingly well. She's my hero!

  3. That woman of yours is amazing...what a great spirit she has!
    And that Spanish Tortilla looks wonderful...Tom cooks nothing, so I am impressed.
    Pray week number 2 goes well...hugs to you both!

  4. Thanks to all ,you are my support,my sunshine, thanks Pat, Ellen,Cecy , Mirtha,Jan,Trish,Lisa, Nelly,Elisa,Sara ,Loty,Darinka ,Victoria Paty,Betty, Miriam Mavel,Eve,Nivia, Marieta Alicita, Many, Lili ,shirley, Marice,,Elvira,Pilar,Lizzy,Ivon Nancy, Gely,
    Emely,Janet,Iris,Ines,Maria,Gloria,and all my cousins many more. and all the E-mails , you all are in my heart, .... my dear Friend Ellen wrote this beautiful for me .... Good friends are stars, you don"t always see them but you always Know they are there all my love Maggie

  5. I guess I am one of the friends that was on the phone with Maggie. I amso happy to find her in such good spirits. She looks sooo good as a blond that she should keep that style after all this is over. I love your blog -you have done a tremendous job. It took me a looong time to just be able to get me signed on.
    You both are one of a kind - a wonderful couple.
    God Bless You!!

  6. My name is Gloria, I fell so close to Maggie that I thing we are related ,today I came to visiting her , I always surprise of her spirit, always in the best mood, I was missing her a lot ,I'm very happy to see her con optimism many plans ahead ,I cant' wait to came back an spent more time with my beautiful friend, I learn from her to see the Bright side of life I love her very much,and also to you Bob

  7. Maggie, you are, without a doubt, my brightest star!

    Bob, I marvel at your cooking skills, as well as your photographic talent. The photo taken from birds-eye view of the hands playing Rummy Cube is really unique!

    Love you both!

  8. Thinking of you both this morning...prayers going up from Michigan!