Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who is that ?

Who is that that woman ? some say she is love and compassion, some say she is simple and naive , I say she is brave and beautiful inside and out. Yes she is one of a kind, how many women would let these picts. be published in the first week of this journey ? Today we went outside without a hair piece what you see is what you get.
If it were me I would be inclined to hide the way I look, not Mag we went to a restaurant before the hospital, and once in the hospital she was asking everyone about her new hair style ( short).
Mag is beginning to feel the effects of her treatments , today she is a lot more tired, not so much pain , just lethargic. Tomorrow is the last day for this round she will have two days off !
Mag made some chicken salad yesterday, and I ate the whole thing ! it was soooooo goooood !
Now it's 6:30 in the evening and Mag is painting the dogs are snorting, and I'm your know where...................... Love B & M


  1. We love Maggie's darling short haircut. It is very fashionable and becoming!!!

    Sorry that she is feeling some side effects from the treatment; hopefully she will adjust soon and level out.

  2. Sounds like she is doing better with this treatment. Good for her all fixed up, where does she get the energy. Her real hair looks good on her, she can carry short hair.Always thinking of you guys.

    Love Lisa

  3. Our friend Maggie is beautiful from head to toes, short haired (I like this very much !)or blonde...and I was thinking today...I open the blog and it is ME who is receiving SO MUCH from both of you, Bob and Maggie. I had deep thoughts a moment ago: here I am, trying to give love and comfort...and it is the other way I am RECEIVING daily lessons of courage, love, comfort and the real meaning of all those words.
    Thank you Bob and Maggie...I am trying to be a better person every day because of you both...I am humbled by you..I was so upset about small insignificant things these past weeks...not anymore.

    Much love...and thank you!

  4. Ditto to Cecilia's comments! Bob & Maggie give straight from the heart to all of us.

  5. I do believe that face can carry any type of hair cut or wig or scarf and look fab!
    I've been fussing with hair and it still doesn't look at good as Mags!
    Rest when it feels like it's time, I'm trying to learn myself that I really don't have to stick to a's ok now after all these years to listen to our bodies and react to what it tells us.
    Enjoy your two days off!!

  6. Well, Maggie looks fab with her new short do! Enjoy your days off and rest up. And Maggie... paint more pretty pictures for us to enjoy!
    Love you both!

  7. Thank you all for the support love