Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A ton of bricks

Today it hit me like a ton of bricks, just what were in for , sure I new how serious her condition is, sure you feel bad,sad,sorry, compassion, but when you start to really realize this isn't a cold and it won't be easy,and maybe just maybe you have a chance of losing , well it puts a big hole in my heart . Of coarse I feel sorry for myself , but above all there aren't many people like Maggie in this world , she is truly Gods ambassador .
Her treatments aren't painful or causing distress, she is eating well, feeling good, and as social as ever. But the chemo is starting to cause hair loss, and bless her she is not complaining or depressed by it. The hospital has what I call a wig room that is staffed by volunteers it's full of wigs and hats and scarfs and a lot of that kinda stuff, and its all free thru the cancer society watching Mag was delightful and alarming she was like a kid in a candy store, uninhibited full of wonder , which styles which colors, do you like this one? to her it was almost normal, to me it opened my eyes , this for real!
Well she picked two of different styles and colors I think they both look good, but I kinda like the blond one . Right after we left we went to cut her hair now it'd shorter then mine, and still doesn't look bad.
I know this sounds unfair but I checked with Mag and she said it's O.K. with her. I would like everyone to leave a comment which one you like.
Thanks Love to All B & M


  1. Dear Bob,I love all what you wrote on your blog,
    Maggie looks great, and i also like the blond one.
    All my love for you

  2. A ton of bricks for sure dear brother of mine. Me too.
    I too like the blonde much more then the dark hair. It's not the color I dislike on the dark one, it's the style, I don't find it as youthful. It's all about youthful when your trying to keep your spirits up!
    I also didn't get to commet on yesterdays post...her painting is awesome...that's some kind of talent!!
    I love you Bob,
    I love you Maggie.

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  4. Hey Uncle Bob! With that gorgeous face, Maggie could have a military crew cut and look beautiful. I like the blonde, I think it's fabulous. Praying for you guys up here in Michigan.

  5. Wow! Blonde hair looks great on her, that one gets my vote! She is gorgeous!!!
    Love to you both...Praying as always!

  6. Who would have thought beautiful brunette Maggie could be gorgeous blonde? That hair style is fantastic on her and she is especially lovely as a blonde! Bob, you are a godsend for Maggie ... her special angel.

    Love, love, love to both of you.

  7. Bob,

    the blond one....yes, it really looks so good on her, so good that when all the treatment is over she should keep a blonde color on her hair, which will grow again for sure.

    And for everything that you write Bob, I just have to say...yes you are a godsend to Maggie, and yes, she is ALL the bautiful things (from toes to head :)) that you say about her.

    This is the time when LOVE emerges strong....and you both love each other so very much.

    And we all love you both.

    A lot of prayers for you both.

    I will talk to Maggie tomorrow. I have a guest at home.

    Much love to both (Steve likes the blond one too!!!!)

  8. I like the style of the blond it looks cute. At least there is a bight side, I've always wanted to do my hair totally different tell Maggie go for it.