Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday fever

Well today was the first time we had a mini hiccup in our chemo treatment, each day after the first session it got a little worse, till Friday afternoon Mag got the chills and was running a little fever ( 100.5) The instructions were to call the Dr. if this happened. Which we did the nurse was very concerned and told us to go to the emergency room NOW! She said that I should be very emphatic and not take no , or please wait from anyone in the ER she even gave me a number of some one that would make sure Mag was taken care of fast.
Well I didn't need to call anyone we walked into the ER told them our problem and were taken directly to a room, before registering or any thing, there were nurses waiting and a Dr. close by , they took x-rays blood was drawn and exam. by the Dr. IV started. The results are that Mag has some pneumonia like symptoms and the beginning of an infection in her lungs. She was administered IV antibiotics and watched for about an hour ( also did a EKG ) Her temp went down the Dr. gave us two antibiotics to take home and told us to force fluids and monitor her temp.
She is resting now her temp is still a little elvated,and she has pain from her operation. I have the highest prays for the hospital staff, everything was done fast and to a high standard. Till next time thank you all.........................Bob


  1. Poor Maggs, my heart goes out to her. All that love she pours out to people, is being poured back to her in prayers. May God relieve her pain and renew her strength. When she is resting well, take that opportunity for yourself to also get a little rest. I pray continually for Gods healing.
    I love you both.

  2. Praying for both of you!!! So glad to hear that she got prompt and quality care.

  3. Is no news good news how is Maggie feeling, did everything go ok over the weekend? Thinking of you both

    Love Ya

  4. Many prayers for both of you, Bob. Maggie is amazing! Even though she is sick & weak, she called to wish me a happy birthday . . . always thinking of others. Thanks to both of you for your card & phone call.

    Much love, Ellen