Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today is Saturday and things are better, Mag is far from ready to dance but she doesn't look or feel as bad as yesterday. Still fighting a fever, and a cough, haven't found out what is causing the infection, testing goes on. She's eating a little more, and walking around a little. Can't say enough about the Drs. and overall care she is being given, but part of that is Mag she never met a stranger.More to come thanks everyone........................Bob


  1. That's good news, I'm so glad she's better. Is she still in the hospital?

  2. Bob
    Thank you for keeping this updated. You're so right about Maggie - she has a gift for making friends.

  3. Bob, everyone loves your Maggie. Maybe this sounds selfish, but I believe all of us own a little part of Maggie that we keep in our hearts. She is very special.

    We are so glad Maggie is feeling better today than yesterday.

    Love to both of you -

    Ellen & Larry

  4. Thank you so much for these postings Bob. I really appreciate being able to get news about Maggie and I am following your posts daily and sending you both love and best wishes.

  5. I think thats great about Maggie, her personality is what makes her shine even when she feels bad.

    Love Lisa