Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is why my address is what it is, my dogs are Dolly and Lulu and the yellow truck is a present from Maggie to speed up my recovery when I was sick.
Maggie was feeling good this morning,but toward the afternoon her body was telling her there is something going on, we made oxtail soup,and the smell kinda made her a little queeze, but she was able to rise above it without any medicine, tomorrow her niece is coming from Chicago for a few days.
The big boomers are starting (thunder) as they do in the summer in Florida, till next time sweet dreams to all, ..........................Bob

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  1. Your trucks a beauty..Hal loves it!
    Tell Maggie she only needs to take one baby step at a time...she's doing so well.
    Love to all!

  2. That is the perfect title for your Blog, Bob. Loving your yellow truck and Dolly and Lulu of course. Love to you and Maggie...sounds like she is one strong woman!!!

  3. Hey Dad good to hear everyone is well Jake wants your truck, he showed all his friends.Oh and Josh like the lawnmower! Hang in there

    Love Lisa

  4. Hi Maggie & Bob,
    Keep up the good spirits and good attitude. You know you have so many of us pulling for you to get through these next few weeks and then be well!
    Love, Susy